About Us

       Shenzhen Arisin Biological Technology Co., Ltd


We strive to excel at studying, developing and providing fluorogenic and chromogenic enzyme substrate for Bacteria detection. We also provide consulting service in bacteria detection field.


Arisin Inc. offers a focused collection of medicinally attractive chemical building blocks. We believe innovative and unique drug-like building blocks are vital for drug discovery and development. We specialized in pyrrolo[x,y-z]pyrimidines and corresponding nucleosides. Extensive experience and technical know-how ensure the delivery of our product in two weeks or less. Detailed information about the building blocks that we offer is available on this website.


Arisin Inc. also offers fluorogenic and chromogenic enzyme substrates. We believe bacteria-specific enzyme substrates are critical for rapid detection and identification of microorganisms. Introduction of synthetic fluorogenic or chromogenic substrates into primary selective media allows enumeration and detection to be performed directly on the isolation plate. Most of the products listed on this website are in stock.


We are a high-tech company founded by returned overseas scholars. R & D staff have extensive experience in bacteria detection, drug design and production, and particularly more than 15 years of experience in the production of enzyme substrates for bacterial detection.