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10-Acetyl-3,7-dihydroxyphenoxazine is a highly sensitive and stable probe for H₂O₂ and a fluorogenic (EX/EM = 535/587 nm) and Colorometric (l = 570 nm) substrate for peroxidase. In the presence of horseradish peroxidase (HRP), it reacts in a 1:1 stoichiometry with H₂O2 to produce highly fluorescent resorufin. Because H₂O₂ is produced in many different enzymatic reactions, this probe could detect the activity of many different enzymes either colorimetrically or fluorometrically.

  • Quantification of inflammatory mediators
  • Determination of free and esterified cholesterol contents
  • Evaluation of compounds as substrates for GABA-AT compounds

10-乙酰基-3,7-二羟基吩嗪是一种高度灵敏和稳定的过氧化氢酶检测荧光酶底物(EX/EM = 535/587 nm)和比色底物(l = 570 nm)。在辣根过氧化物酶催化下,该底物与过氧化氢产生1:1定量反应,生成荧光化合物试卤灵。由于过氧化氢是很多没反应的产物,因此该底物可以用于许多酶活性的定量检测。我公司同时提供所有相关试卤灵酶底物,并拥有丰富的微生物检测经验,可以提供相关技术咨询。
Synonyms 别名 10-乙酰基-3,7-二羟基吩嗪, 1-(3,7-Dihydroxy-10H-phenoxazin-10-yl)ethanone
Abbreviations 缩写 ADHP, Amplex Red
Formula 分子式 C14H11NO4
Molecular weight 分子量 257.24 g/mol
CAS number 119171-73-21
Handling 保存 store at -20°C, protect from light,零下20度密封避光保存。
Package 包装 100mg,1g,5g,10g (In stock,库存产品)

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